On the UN International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict, we reaffirm our commitment to protecting the victims of sexual violence by remembering our 2019 Social Micro Project. Over 12 months, the project supported 80 surgeries performed on women and girls victims of sexual violence in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). 

B&S Europe supported the team of the CHU Saint Pierre and sponsored with 25.000 EUR a one week mission to the Panzi Hospital in Bukavu to assist victims of conflict-related sexual violence. Thanks to this partnership, the project allowed for 80 minimal invasive interventions as well as capacity building trainings.

B&S Europe’s has been present in the DRC and the region with several technical assistance projects in the areas Justice and Governance Reform. Through all its projects and social initiatives, B&S Europe aims at promoting & contributing to development through understanding of local cultures, building on its core values such as honesty and empathy. 

The Social Project is an internal B&S initiative launched to promote social development through concreate impact in the countries we work in. The second phase of the initiative will take place in the upcoming months, with the selected project expected to start in late September 2020.