NORTH MACEDONIA | Debating Europe with high school students


Starting in late 2019 and last 8 June 2020, Europe House (EUH) in North Macedonia brought the EU closer to high school students all across the country and neighboring regions, through a series of debates moderated by the Youth Educational Forum (MOF). Over 16 debates, approximately 350 students got the chance to learn about and understand better the EU. 

The debates covered topics such as the EU in general, the EU and North Macedonia, and the issues or challenges youth face on a local level and EU support. From the country’s EU accession to sharing their views on economy, youth migration, educational and health systems, the questions created a fruitful dialogue between the students and the EU  Head of Delegation, EU Ambassadors in the country and EUH staff.

The B&S Europe Consortium and team of experts proudly supported the outreach activity for the EU in North Macedonia, as a part of the EU-funded project EU4Y. The overall objective of the project is to raise public awareness about the EU under the 'EU for YOU' branding, its values and policies and assist EU Delegation's public diplomacy activities.

The Europe House (formerly EU Info Centre) was founded by the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of North Macedonia. It serves as a meet up place to spur debate, inspire collaboration and networking among various segments including entrepreneurs, young innovators and creators, while promoting EU values.

The last debate of the current school year was held on 8 June 2020. Highlights and feedback from the participants are available on the EUH social media page: