In the frame of the EU-funded project “ implemented by B&S Europe, our team of experts organised the online event “Gramo Streaming: COVID 19-Without Borders” that took place last week. It created a space for reflection and dialogue, where 6 speakers specialised in different sectors gave their views on the pandemic, on the ways to strengthen the links between Latin-America and Europe and on collaboration as the path to overcome together the challenges that we face today. Among all the speakers, it was highlighted the need and value for collaboration and solidarity among continents, as the way to act against the outbreak of COVID-19.

 The Ambassador of the European Union, Paolo Berizzi, was the first speaker and called also for individual responsibility as a necessary mean to solve this crisis.

“The State cannot solve by itself all the problems in this context. We will only overcome this crisis through the sum of individual behaviours from each citizen”