SIERRA LEONE | M&E consultative workshops


In March 2021, in the frame of the project “State Building Contract – Complementary Support III”, our team of experts, together with the relevant stakeholders, organised two M&E-related consultative workshops. 

The first workshop took place on the 4th and 5th of March and aimed at consulting all involved stakeholders in the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF). This capacity building mission is supporting the MAF together with the National Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate (NaMED) in Sierra Leone to develop and roll out an M&E framework and tools for the agriculture sector. The consultation had as main goal to assess the M&E capacity in the ministry and to facilitate the development of the M&E Plan. 

The second workshop, conducted on the 10th and 11th March, was framed within a short-term mission that is supporting the NaMED in Sierra Leone to develop an M&E Strategy and Action Plan. During the workshop, all M&E officers working in the different local councils across the country, as well as M&E person in charge in the Ministries, were consulted in order to define in a participatory way the impacts, outcomes and outputs of the strategy and its indicators. Moreover, the national M&E capacity was also assessed jointly during this meeting. 

The project “State Building Contract – Complementary Support III” is implemented in Sierra Leone by a consortium led by B&S Europe. It aims at strengthening institutional capacity in PFM, including revenue management, strategic planning and monitoring, budget formulation, execution and oversight, both at the central and at the selected sector levels and monitoring/evaluation of the development policy.