SIERRA LEONE | GOVERNANCE | EU budget support during COVID19


Do you want to know how the EU is responding to COVID19 crisis in third countries? Here’s an example! On 1 June 2020, the European Union (EU) anticipated the disbursement of €10 million to the Government of Sierra Leone (GoSL) as a fixed tranche of budget support in 2020.

This early disbursement will support GoSL’s much needed COVID19 response, providing flexibility for Government initiatives to maintain macro-economic stability. It will also support livelihoods, helping mitigate funding gaps created by the need to divert significant public development resources towards the COVID19 response. This early disbursement has been possible with the technical support of the project implemented by B&S Europe in the country since November 2019. 

The project “State Building contract Phase III – Complementary Support” aims at promoting sustainable and inclusive growth and supporting the consolidation of peace building and the state-building processes in Sierra Leone. 

The technical support provided by our team contributes to the strengthening of the institutional capacity in PFM, including revenue management, strategic planning and monitoring, budget formulation, execution and oversight, both at the central and at the selected sector levels and monitoring/evaluation of the development policy.

SBC III project looks into improving the resilience to face external shocks and in reaching the New Deal Peace-building and State-building Goal (PSG) of ‘improved management of revenue and increased capacity for accountable and faire service delivery’.