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Business and Strategies Europe (B&S Europe) is a Brussels based consultancy firm with twenty years of experience providing capacity-building services in a range of technical areas including:

·        Rule of Law 

·        Democracy and Governance   

·        European Integration 

·        Regional Development and Structural Funds   

·        Economic Development   

·        Employment and Social Affairs 

·        Human Resources Management

·        Communication & Awareness

·        Sustainable Development

Our clients include bi-lateral and multi-lateral institutions and private organizations worldwide.

"Development through understanding"  is our motto and the general philosophy that underpins our work around the globe. At B&S we firmly believe that only through respecting local cultures and ways of life can we create sustainable solutions to the multi-faceted challenges faced by developing countries. Rather than dictating solutions from the outside,  B&S advocates and provides consultation and knowledge-transfer. We share this philosophy with our clients and with our ever-growing network of experts.

Project openings
09-11-2015 : Support to the Constitutional Court of Moldova
(deadline: 15-12-2015)
24-09-2015 : Further Regulatory Harmonisation between the EU and Ukraine in the Area of Technical Barriers to Trade
(deadline: 08-10-2015)
20-04-2015 : Contrat d'assistance technique auprès du ministère de ladécentralisation, de la gouvernance locale, de l'administration et de l'aménagement duterritoire (MDGLAAT) du Bénin dans le cadre du projet d'appui au développement local
(deadline: 01-05-2015)
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-  Rule of Law
-  European Integration
-  Democracy & Governance
-  Employment & Social Affairs
-  Economic Development
-  Communications
18-02-2015 :
Workshop on Local Systems of Production in the framework of the Benin Local Development Programme (PADL)
14-02-2015 :
B&S Europe has been awarded a new project in Guinea Conakry!
06-02-2015 :
B&S Europe has been awarded a new project in Guinea Conakry!
04-02-2015 :
B&S Europe has been awarded a new Project in Guinea Conakry!
03-02-2015 :
B&S Europe has been awarded a new project in Guinea Conakry!
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-  Friends of Europe, Brussels
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