50th Anniversary of GOPA Consultants


GOPA Consultants celebrated its 50th anniversary

Last week GOPA Consultants celebrated its 50th anniversary with all its staff members.

On this occasion the GOPA Management launched its new Co-creation Initiative. Instead of spending a lot of money for a big anniversary party or publishing history books, GOPA will invest 100.000€ for social activities in developing countries - going back to the founder spirit and the roots of the company with its longstanding tradition of social commitment.

The Co-creation Initiative means more than just spending money by filling in a check once a time. GOPA wants to support social projects more sustainably with the expertise of its employees. This means that committed employees will work in the supported projects, financed by GOPA. Our employees will work close together with the beneficiary, fostering the social projects with their professional experience, organisational support and by building up important contacts. Through the combination of financial support, provided knowledge and the close cooperation with the beneficiary of the project a significant social value will be “co-created”.

Furthermore the initiative should create a value for the employees involved in the projects. They will get the possibility to get new insights and experiences by working in projects which do not belong to GOPA´s usual portfolio. By bringing their insights and experiences back into GOPA our company can benefit from the Co-creation Initiative as well. The Co-creation Initiative will be conducted within the next two years. A steering committee will be set up and further information will be provided soon. Afterwards all employees are asked to suggest their creative ideas and concrete proposals.                                                                                                                  


Last week GOPA Consultants celebrated its 50th anniversary.