EU Neighbourhood Communication Programme for the Eastern Neighbourhood 2020 - 2024

Overal objective:

To contribute to the improvement of public perception and attitudes towards the EU and to the development of a more receptive environment for European values and principles in Eastern Neighbourhood partner countries, by delivering and fostering a more tailored and strategic approach in communicating about the impacts of the ENP across the region (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine).

Specific objectives:

• To improve the EU perception and position it as an active and impactful actor in the world and in the Eastern Neighbourhood, through the promotion of its values of democracy, cooperation and international solidarity.

• To raise awareness and improve understanding of the benefits and results for citizens of the ENP in the Eastern partner countries through facts and human-interest stories about the EU and its actions, made available in local languages and through appropriate dissemination channels;

• To stimulate a positive public debate among the target audiences about the EU and the partnership with the EU, in particular by building a strong network of multipliers of young age and by working with the local media with a view to maximising outreach to the general public;

• To measure the support to and monitor the public perception of the EU in the partner countries;

• To contribute to addressing issues related to disinformation, including by raising awareness across the two partner regions;

• To create and maintain momentum and demand in society for transformational reforms (including but not limited to: accountable and transparent governance, rule of law, anti-corruption, judiciary);

• To build associations between the reform process and tangible improvements in the daily lives of citizens.

Area of competence: 
Donor organisation: 
European Commission
Start of project: 
December, 2020
Technical Assistance