FWC COM Lot 1- Western Balkans and Turkey - Strategic/Interim Evaluation of SUpport for Improvement in Governance and Management (SIGMA) Programme

2.1. Global objective
The primary objective of this evaluation is to provide relevant findings, conclusions and recommendations to the Commission about the performance of SIGMA's activities, based on both the evaluator's assessment and as perceived by the beneficiaries, in the area of Public governance reform/ Public Administration Reform (PAR). The evaluation will cover assistance provided so far under IPA: IPA - Contract 2009-2010, contract 2010 -2011, both for the value of € 10m).

These findings will contribute to the Commission's future approach on planning and programming SIGMA with the view to responding better to the strategic goals of enlargement policy in the area of Public Administration Reform/ Public governance reform.

To respond to the objectives of this evaluation, the evaluators should take due consideration of the specific context in which financial assistance under the EC enlargement policy is deployed.

More particularly, SIGMA complements and supports IPA national programmes which assist beneficiaries to meet a specifically defined set of requirements (i.e. the Copenhagen accession criteria within a finite time where, if a particular accession requirement is left too late it can have a substantial negative impact on the whole accession process).

2.2. Specific objectives
The specific objectives of this evaluation are:

1. Mapping SIGMA interventions;

2. Assessing the added value of SIGMA and to what extent it responds to IPAbeneficiaries' needs;

3. Assessing the extent to which SIGMA interventions are based on sound needs assessments;

4. Assessing the extent to which SIGMA interventions are complementary to other interventions financed under IPA;

5. Analyse SIGMA's comparative advantage as perceived by beneficiaries and other stakeholders in the region;

6. Assessing the performance of SIGMA interventions in terms of their efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability;

7. Providing recommendations for improvement.·

Western Balkans
Europe (Eastern & Central)
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European Commission
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December, 2011