TA for Further Assistance for the National Institute of Magistracy


The Superior Council of Magistracy of Romania (SCM) is the institution in charge with guaranteeing the independence of the judiciary, being the only body competent with regard to the career of judges and prosecutors (appointment, professional evaluation, promotion, disciplinary sanctioning and release from office). The National Institute of the Magistracy (NIM) functioning under the coordination of the SCM is in charge with the initial and continuous training of judges and prosecutors. Futhermore, the NIM evaluates the professional capacities of judges and prosecutors and provides training modules for sitting and newly appointed judges.

Overall objective:

  • To build a professional judicial system.
  • To support the effective administration of justice in Romania, thus sustaining an independent judiciary.
  • To contribute to the development of the Rule of Law by enhancing legal knowledge and professional skills of judges and prosecutors. A veritable independent judiciary means also authority, and authority can only be achieved by the existence of well trained members of the judiciary, process that should last during their entire professional life.

Specifics objectives:

  • To strengthen the professional skills of magistrates and judges.



Europe (Eastern & Central)
Area of competence: 
LAW > EU Law
Donor organisation: 
European Commission
Start of project: 
December, 2006
Technical Assistance