TA for social services grant schemes awareness and implementation - Strengthening the capacity of MoLFEO in social assistance field

Overall objective:

  • Strengthening MoLSSF capacities in social assistance field by supporting further development of a sustainable national social services network, able to respond to the concrete needs of the most vulnerable groups, to improve the life conditions of the people, to promote the human development and social inclusion.
  • Implementation of a new approach for of the social assistance built on the basis of continuous consultation and participation between different levels of the government, in an effective partnership with civil society and following the equality principle.

Specific objective:

  • To support for the MoLSSF to develop the capacity to manage effectively and efficiently grant schemes for development of local social services` projects covering monitoring of project implementation and dissemination of best practices.


  • Monitoring of the projects selectedfor financing under the Phare 2004 - SSGS and preparation of the monitoring system for the Phare 2006 Grant Scheme on Social Services;
  • Training and capacity building on:
  1. New provisions of PRAG2006 inrespect with grant schemes management;
  2. Process of evaluation and selection of applications;
  3. Contracting procedures and instruments of social services grant projects;
  4. Monitoring tools for better implementation of local projects implementing social services;
  5. Evaluation and monitoring of the financial aspects of the contracts;
  6. Public information and communication campain.


Europe (Eastern & Central)
Area of competence: 
Donor organisation: 
European Commission
Start of project: 
December, 2006
Technical Assistance