We are a consulting firm based in Brussels since 1991, that provides technical assistance services to companies, public organizations and institutions, particularly within the scope of programmes and projects financed by international or bilateral bodies. With twenty years of experience, we are proud to provide capacity-building services in a range of technical areas including:

  • Justice and Rule of Law;
  • Civil society organisations (CSO);
  • Democracy and Governance;
  • Security and home affairs;
  • Public diplomacy, policy and outreach;
  • Communication & Visibility;
  • Events;
  • Sustainable Development;
  • European Integration;
  • Human Resources Management;
  • Regional Development and Structural Funds;
  • Economic Development;
  • Employment and Social Affairs.

Development through Understanding is our general philosophy that underpins our work around the globe. At B&S Europe, we firmly believe that, only by respecting local cultures and ways of life, can we create sustainable solutions to the multi-faceted challenges faced by developing countries. Rather than dictating solutions from the outside, B&S advocates and provides consultancy services that incorporate a comprehensive understanding of local culture, as well as of the political context, and engage in knowledge-transfer practices. We share this philosophy with our clients and our ever-growing network of experts.

  • Earlier this summer, on 14 July 2021, the second Steering Committee of our project “Support to Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in the Turkish Cypriot Community (Civic Space)” took place online and reviewed the project’s progress. 

  • In the frame of the EU-funded project “EU Support to the Kosovo Competition Authority and the State Aid Commission", we organised on 1 and 2 June 2021 a two-day training workshop on the application of competition law and policy in the banking and financial services sector, for officials of the Kosovo Competition Authority (KCA), and those of the Central Bank of Kosovo (CBK).

  • Is there a better way to connect the EU with youth than bringing them together to share information, ideas, and opinions? On 9 May, Europe Day, in the frame of our EU-funded project “EU with YOU”, implemented in North Macedonia, we  gathered 24 high-school students from North Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Bosnia & Herzegovina with their peers (12 Young European Ambassadors) and with five ambassadors of the European Union in the region!

  • Last week, in Moldova, we had the pleasure to attend the ad hoc Steering Committee of the project “Support to the Implementation of the EU High Level Advisers’ Mission” that took place online on 28 May 2021. During the meeting, representatives of the Government institutions and members of the Steering Committee discussed and assessed the performance of eight out of the ten EU High Level Advisers, finally deciding to extend their contracts for one more year.

  • Last month, the project “Technical Assistance for Capacity Support to the Transport Sector and EU Acquis Alignment in Montenegro” has met yet another milestone with the organisation of its 4th online project Steering Committee meeting on 16 April 2021.