Our Compliance & Ethics


As a member of GOPA Consulting Group, B&S Europe shares the ethical values of integrity and compliance, as stipulated in the Group’s Code of Ethics. If ever a staff member, business/project partner or other individual considers that the principles of this Code are not being upheld, they have the ability to raise this with the independent Compliance Officer, specifically designated for reviewing compliance with this Code ( ). Any information provided will be handled with strict confidentiality.

The principles underlying B&S Europe’s collaboration with business partners are integrity, fairness, transparency and partnership. Business partners are non-GOPA Group companies and individuals who enter into a contractual relationship with B&S Europe, in order to provide goods or services.

B&S Europe stands for reputable and honest business dealings in the course of everyday business that comply with all relevant rules and regulations. GOPA Group’s values and principles are based on the principles of the United Nations Global Compact, the International Chamber of Commerce’s Business Charter for Sustainable Development and the relevant conventions of the International Labour Organisation. As a member of the GOPA Group, B&S Europe expects its business partners to implement and comply with the principles and values set out in this Code of Conduct across their organisations worldwide.

In addition, B&S Europe implements a quality-control system for the provision of professional expertise and consultancy services. We aim at reducing our own environmental footprint and additionally advising clients and development partners on protecting the environment by guiding them towards the sustainable use of natural resources. We want to be a performance partner for a greener tomorrow: all B&S Europe employees therefore act in compliance with our internal Environmental Policy.