FRANCE | Young European Ambassadors (YEAs) debate the future of Europe at EYE 2021


In the framework of our project EU NEIGHBOURS east, the EU’s Regional Communication Programme for the Eastern Neighbourhood, implemented by B&S Europe under contract with the European Commission (DG NEAR), a delegation of 19 Young European Ambassadors (YEAs) have attended the EYE2021 organised by the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France this past 8th and 9th of October. The EYE 2021 event welcomed around 4500 participants and takes place once a year. It is a unique occasion where young Europeans (18 - 30 years old) gather and express their ideas about the future of Europe under the tagline “The future is ours”. 

During the event, YEAs participated in in 24 official EYE activities, such as panel discussions, workshops and chatted with the decision makers form the European Parliament, with the aim of sharing their vision on the future of Europe, the EU Neighbourhood policy (ENP), the youth engagement in the Eastern Partnership, but also to connect with other organisations and represent all the young people in the network.

YEAs had the opportunity to participate in 2 panels and talk about the EU NEIGHBOURS east programme and the impact of their local activities, especially in rural areas, as well as the youth engagement in Eastern region and young people’s role in decision making, supporting the process of strengthening the civil society, modernization and democratization. Both panels were attended by 210+ participants.

Moreover, 2 live streams were conducted on EU NEIGHBOURS east Facebook page. The first livestream was prepared and hosted by YEAs from Ukraine and EU in which they discussed youth involvement and how big events, like the European Youth Event, can support youth participation at all levels. The second livestream was hosted YEAs from Moldova and the EU. It focused on the environment and the #GreenTrack. The president of Generation Climate Europe took part in the live stream, giving his point of view on youth activism. Both lives registered 5,330+ engagements and 850+ views.

In addition, 2 YEAs offered interviews to the media - Anaelle's interview to Regional TV France (YEAs EU) and Sabin (YEAs Moldova).

Also, the EYE21 was promoted widely on social media channels of the EU NEIGHBOURS east, resulting in 12+ posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

In the run-up to the event, the YEAs also contributed to the consultation with 101 ideas (the greatest contribution by any organisation on the platform), with one of the YEAs’ environmental ideas the most popular out of more than 350 ideas on the section.

B&S Europe is implementing the EU NEIGHBOURS east (2020-2024) project in partnership with WeGlobal, VO Europe, Internews Ukraine, MMS Communications. The project aims at improving the public perception and attitudes towards the EU and develop a more receptive environment for European values and principles in Neighbourhood partner countries. 

Disclaimer: The YEAs initiative is a non-political, voluntary, vibrant communication network connecting and building bridges of friendship among young people from the Eastern partner countries and the EU. The aim of the network is to raise awareness about the EU’s cooperation with its Eastern partners, showcase the tangible results of this cooperation, contribute to policy dialogue on various topics, help increase civic activism and work together for a better future.