New Caledonia : Workshop on Youth Mobility

Tue, 16/10/2018

B&S Europe was last week in Noumea, New Caledonia for the organisation of a workshop on youth mobility for the European Commission DG DEVCO in collaboration with the Government of New Caledonia.

The event took place from October 10th-12th and went through a wide variety of topics related to youth mobility such as school exchanges, young professionals movement, as well as the presentation and discussion on existing programs and structures supporting these matters. 

Egypt-Israel: Seminars on the new Communication and Visibility requirements for EU-funded projects

Thu, 11/10/2018

This week we were in Tel Aviv, organizing the Seminar on the new Communication and Visibility requirements for EU-funded projects (grants and tenders). This event was organized at the request of the European Ccommission DG NEAR and in close collaboration with the EU Delegation to Israel.

The participants were mainly implementers of EU-funded projects in Israel. The trainers presented some interesting tools in relation to the new communication and visibility requirements according to EU rules, use of social media for the promotion of projects and targeted campaigns.

Brunei: revision of the National Action Plan towards CBRN risk mitigation

Tue, 09/10/2018

The European Union is through its CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) Centres of Excellence initiative supporting the capacities for responding to CBRN risks across the globe. Within this initiative, through its project “On-Site Technical Assistance to the EU-CBRN Centres of Excellence Regional Secretariat for South East Asia”, implemented by B&S Europe's consortium, the EU is providing Brunei Darussalam with support for the revision and update of their National Action Plan towards CBRN risk mitigation.

Projet gagné au Mali !

Mon, 08/10/2018

B&S Europe en consortium avec GOPA Com a remporté le projet d’élaboration et de mise en œuvre d’une stratégie de communication pour la Délégation de l’Union Européenne au Mali. 

L'objectif de ce projet est d'améliorer la visibilité de l'UE, de ses valeurs et son action au Mali auprès du public et des partenaires maliens.

Project awarded in Afghanistan!

Thu, 27/09/2018

B&S Europe in consortium with Phalenes and Hart, was awarded the EU Election Expert Mission for the Parliamentary Elections in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.