Services aiming at strengthening the capacities of CSOs in their role of social audit of public sector and working together with the Security and Justice System in Guatemala for the definition of public policies

Overall objective:

  • To support the implementation of policies to promote and consolidate the structural Reform of the Security and Justice Sector and help reducing the high levels of impunity, according to the priorities identified by the "National Agreement for the Advancement of Security and Justice”.

Specific objective:

  • To establish a space for dialogue, monitoring systems and social audits to guarantee the access to justice to ethnic and gender groups, and, in particular to strengthen the institutional capacities of the Penitentiary System, Judicial Branch and the Public Ministry.
America (Latin)
Area of competence: 
RULE OF LAW & JUSTICE > Penal regime > Acces to justice
Donor organisation: 
European Commission
Start of project: 
October, 2014
Technical Assistance