Technical assistance to the Administration Reform Support Program, Public Finance and the Mobilization of Internal Resources in the Dominican Republic

General objective:


Inequality has impeded human development in Dominican Republic society. Hence, a better management of public finances that allows a redistribution of resources to the neediest segments can be a key element for the equal development of the country.

The programme focuses on supporting the Mystery of Finance's Public Finance Management Reform Strategy, which includes results-oriented pre-budgeting, more efficient public procurement, improved transparency and oversight of the Public Finance Management cycle itself.


The general objective of this project is to promote efficiency, transparency and a results-oriented public administration, allocating resources in line with the national development priorities, within the framework of the National Development Strategy 2030 of the Dominican Republic, contributing to the equitable distribution of incomes.


Specific objective


To provide technical assistance to the Ministry of Finance, as the governing entity of public finances, and its General Directorates and other entities with responsibilities in the management of public finances in the country, including transversally the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development and oversight bodies, such as the Comptroller General of the Republic and the Chamber of Accounts.


The project also seeks to contribute the effective coordination, planning and implementation of the public finance management reform strategies identified and defined for each of the different governing bodies involved in this process.

Dominican Republic
America (Latin)
Area of competence: 
PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION REFORM > Budget and Public Finance reform
PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION REFORM > Budget and Public Finance reform
Donor organisation: 
European Commission
Start of project: 
July, 2019
Technical Assistance